Stainless Steel Printing Screen

Stainless Steel Printing Screen

This page provides information on a special stainless steel wire mesh for specific use – printing screen. With properties, uses and features.

A kind of ultra-thin woven stainless steel wire mesh with uniform opening and good firmness. The uses of carefully selected special stainless alloy materials and the most advanced weaving technology adopted ensure the very compact weaving structure is achieved and the thickness of the wire mesh is within the allowed tolerance range. Hence the precision of the wire mesh is further enhanced for high precision printing requirements. 

Materials: SUS304, 304HC, 304L, 316, 316 L.

Features of Stainless Steel Screen Printing:
Stainless steel wire mesh is formed from stainless steel offering good wear resistance, high strength and less technical extension. The fine wire diameter allows good ink performance; also the wire mesh screen has stable mechanical properties, chemical properties and accurate sizes. The shortcoming of stainless steel printing screen is its lack of flexibility and more expensive price. Also, the wire mesh cannot restore properly to its original forms after expansion.

Uses: Widely used in printing of electronics, textiles, ceramics, glass and other industries, also used as filter media in aviation, aerospace, petrochemical, and other high-tech areas.

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